Preschool Curriculum

Easel Preschool Solutions

Easel Preschool Solution gives all guidance to start your preschool. Easel specialists will help you at each progression of to set up your school. Easel preschool educational program and training will tutor you as an instructor and all you require to think about effective running of your preschool. Easel Preschool arrangement is Non Franchise and Non Royalty Model and we believe collaborating with your preschool venture.

Our academic group will hand hold you with training and on-going help to guarantee smooth everyday activity of your school. You can likewise have flexibility pick in for a large number of our supporting administrations on need premise.

We Focus on Growth

Teacher, school and parents can track their children growth easily with our tools

Easy accessible at any place

Easy accessible in all devices: computer, Tablet and your mobile.

Simple by design

Designed easy to use

Teacher Friendly

Learning Plans and Assessment tools are designed for teachers

Improved Content

Curriculum, learning plans are with many enriched videos, images and documents

Student Portal

One stop solution for parents/students to access resource, reports and communications

How can you start a new preschool?

Easel Preschool solutions provide assistance to set up your preschool. Our revel in curriculum, products, and your passion to serve Children can be a unique mix to set up and run a hit college. Putting in place a new college has 2 key phases
1. Build and launch phase
2. Run phase
Easel group supports you at each step to reach setting up your dream college.

Build and Launch Phase

Work towards success: Run phase


Select your preferred Easel Preschool Solution


Sign up includes enterring into License agreement to use Easel Copyrighted Curriculum


Easel accounts team will share the detailed plan with dates will be shared with you


Easel Teams will start enagaging with you this phase will include Curriculum trainings, Easel training and more based on the services choosen.

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