Preschool Curriculum

Easel Preschool Parents and Kids Learning Apps

Easel School Manager is comprehensive, state-of-art tools, detailed learning plans, reports which provide 360 degree view of student development. The tool enables the teacher to look at the curriculum , week timetable before time. The tool provides a futuristic view of developmental planning for students as per the curriculum and also provides a rare-view-mirror view of scholars’ performance within the past.
Integrated assessments modules provide real time growth reports, trends report, pie chart, overall development reports etc. this is able to be accessed at fingertips and enables the teacher to sketch their approach for every child.
Our Assessment apps make teachers easier to access and capture assessment from any device. Easel Edu connect app where teachers and fogeys are sharing the house engagement on a single platform.

All our apps are integrated into the curriculum and learning plan.

We Focus on Growth

Teacher, school and parents can track their children growth easily with our tools

Easy accessible at any place

Easy accessible in all devices: computer, Tablet and your mobile.

Simple by design

Designed easy to use

Teacher Friendly

Learning Plans and Assessment tools are designed for teachers

Improved Content

Curriculum, learning plans are with many enriched videos, images and documents

Student Portal

One stop solution for parents/students to access resource, reports and communications

Easel School Manager

Easel School Manager is comprehensive, state-of-art tools, detailed learning plans, reports which provide 360 degree view of student development. Integrated assessments modules provide real time growth reports and trends. School and teachers are enabled with weekly time tables, learning plans, overall growth reports for every student.

The student portfolio is made to supply insights on the expansion of youngsters across measurables Key Developmental Area and Developmental Outcomes. Holistic development focus Provides each teacher to specialise in the development area and sketch precise plans for every child’s needs.

State Of Art Tool for composite school managements

For Schools
Easel School Manager is a comprehensive platform for schools , admin, teachers to assess the curriculum progress, lesson plans, curriculum, weekly timetables, material required, perform assessment, generate progress reports, trends for every student. Tool is enabled with many analytical reporting capabilities to assess the on-going growth of every child, taking corrective course corrective actions to form a positive impact on child growth story.

For Parents
Easel School Manager, is additionally one stop solution for folks to access their child resources, timetables, communication from school and access the resources like videos, images, document etc.

Mobile Applications

Easel Apps are carefully designed to extend the convivence for folks and teachers/admin. The mobile apps are the simplest learning apps for teenagers and easy-to-use that brings in efficiency and transparency into the youngsters development. Easel parental apps like Easel Phonics , Easel Kids and Easel Edu Connect are created to facilitate parents to practice the concepts further and actively participate in their child learning process.

Easel Edu Connect app is a state of art enabling parents to stay track of Home learning either as Homework or home schooling, with access to learning plans, assessment for homework, submissions etc… This app enables schools to communicate effectively with parents and youngsters .

HSM Assessment app is meant to allow teachers to capture and update the assessment for youngsters on their fingertips.

Preschool Home Connect (EHC) Online Preschool Curriculum

The program aims to introduce children to the basic concepts through a series of flexible pre-recorded videos held by early education professionals.

The curriculum aligns with the 42 KDSs of early childhood education to help with the holistic development of the child. The curriculum is based on keeping in mind the parents and the facilitators.

The Detailed curriculum plan and assessments ensure that the progress of the child can be tracked effectively.

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