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Why All The Fuss About Ashford Window Repair?

Why It’s Better to Repair Your Windows Instead of Replacing Them

UPVC Aluminium, wood and double glazed doors, conservatories and windows repaired in Ashford Kent, Ashford and the surrounding areas. Repairing a damaged window instead of replacing it could save you money and avoid unnecessary damage to historic fabric.

Conducting a window inspection and creating windows schedules can aid in determining the best time to fix. Weatherstripping and caulking also reduce energy loss.

door fitting ashford of UPVC doors and windows are an important aesthetic element of your office or home. If they become damaged or shabby they will affect the appearance of your property and can make it appear unfinished. Regular maintenance and repair will ensure that your UPVC doors and windows remain attractive and functional.

Aluminium, wood, and uPVC are all materials that can be used to construct window and door frames. Although they are designed to withstand the weather, over time, they can deteriorate because of age and environmental elements. It is important to repair them immediately if you notice any signs of degradation. This will protect your investment and increase their lifespan.

Repainting your UPVC windows and doors will keep them looking brand new. This is an easy and cost-effective solution that will improve your property’s appearance. It also shields your UPVC window from moisture and temperature fluctuation.

We specialize in UPVC Spray Painting to create a factory finished and a large variety of RAL colors ranging from soft pastels to vibrant shades. We can also provide Flame Control fire resistant paints to ensure that your building is in compliance with the fire regulations. Our spraying of cladding and roller shutter spraying service is ideal for commercial buildings who wish to impress and draw new business. We can transform your shutters and claddings into an attractive, modern look that will make your business stand out.


The kind of glass used in windows can have an enormous impact on the way windows function. It is essential to choose a glazier with worked with various kinds of glass. This will ensure that your windows are in good shape and are able to endure the elements. This will reduce the risk of damage and will extend the life of your windows.

A professional glazier can repair or replace damaged parts on your windows and door, such as handles hinges, latches and handles. They are also able to re-glaze window panes to eliminate condensation and restore their original appearance. They can work with various types of glass, including safety and laminated glass, Georgian or stained glass effects including lead and toughened glasses.

They are also able to repair or upgrade your windows with low energy u-v light filtering glazing that will prevent cold drafts and lower your heating bills. This is especially useful for older homes where the windows may have lost their effectiveness in the course of time. These services are available for UPVC as well as aluminum and wood double-glazed Windows, Conservatories, Patio Doors and Porches.


You can lose money by having air leaks, particularly during the winter. They can be stopped or eliminated with weather stripping around doors and windows however, it is important to select the correct material. If your weatherstripping has become sagging or damaged, it will not be as effective, and you may end paying more than you planned to.

Moisture testing is an excellent method to determine if you require replacing your weatherstripping. Wet your hands, then run it along the edges of your window or door — especially on the coldest day. If your hand is cold, it means that outside air is leaking through the edges of your door or window (although other factors could be involved).

You can install weatherstripping on your own using self-sticking plastic (vinyl), spring bronze, or tubular vinyl gaskets. This tape comes in a variety of widths and thicknesses, which makes it perfect for gaps that aren’t quite the same size.

The best option is based on your preferences and window’s materials: a wood-framed window may benefit from nail-on weatherstripping made of either spring bronze or a high-performance polyethylene, whereas an steel or aluminum-framed windows might be better suited to tubular vinyl gaskets. You can find these types at hardware stores or home improvement stores, and the majority of them are easy to install.

Repairing the glazing putty on wooden window frames yourself or by hiring a professional. If the putty is cracked or crumbling clean and sand down the area, then apply a fresh coat of putty using linseed oil.

Another option is to press in rope caulk ($7, The Home Depot). Unroll and smooth the caulk using your finger or a utility knife, but avoid using any tool that could scratch it. It is impossible to open the window once the caulk has dried, so remove it in spring.


The lock is a small piece of mechanical engineering that converts the rotation (turning motion) from the key into a reciprocal movement (back-and back and forth) which secures or unlocks something. It’s usually a simple, cylindrical device that is made up of a pin stack inside the body of the lock, springs that push the pins back up when you insert the key and a cam which rotates the plug when you turn the key. Certain locks have additional pins to accommodate master keys.

Begin by examining the lock to see if there are any anti-drill measures, such as an encased faceplate on the pin or springs that make it difficult for you to drill into the cylinder. If there aren’t any countermeasures, you can start by drilling a small hole in the plug to release it. Make sure the drill bit is in the center of the key slot and keep the pressure steady to avoid damaging any part of the mechanism.

It’s important to be aware of the direction the plug is supposed to be rotating for euro cylinders. The most efficient method to do this is with the tension wrench, which has its smaller end placed in the keyhole’s slit and the bigger end positioned against the body of the cylinder. Inserting the wrench this way, for example, will let you know which pins are the most difficult to lift up.

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