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Think You’re Cut Out For Doing Renault Car Key Replacement? Answer This Question

Renault Master Key Replacement

Renaults are extremely complicated system for immobiliser locks and key. There are two major systems that determine the way a replacement key is programmed.

Many people believe that the only method to purchase an automobile is to visit a main dealer. However, this can be an expensive process that takes a long time and can be up to 50% more expensive. We can offer a more efficient solution.


Renault utilizes a variety of systems for immobilisers and keys. The earlier models (pre 2000) use a key that needs to be inserted into the door lock and pressed to start the car. this system can be difficult to program keys that can be used as replacements for. The latest models after 2000 will come with transponder keys that can be programmed into the car using laptop software by using its diagnostic socket.

Key cards

Renault key cards look different to traditional keys but function the same way. They can be placed in the dash card reader for the car to start and open. This kind of key comes with a transponder embedded in it that is used to identify a specific car. A locksmith that is trained in Dublin can create a new Renault key or card for your vehicle. This will allow you to avoid any issues if your original key gets lost or damaged.

Renault key cards may be damaged through regular use. The internal switch buttons can be damaged or lose their function from an accident or wear and tear. Contact a locksmith if notice that your Renault key card isn’t opening or shaking. Locksmiths have the right equipment and expertise to make an entirely new Renault key card. They are also much cheaper than dealerships.

It can be very frustrating to lose your Renault key, especially in the case that you are the sole one who has it! renault car key replacement believe that the only solution is to visit an Renault dealer, but this can be very time-consuming. Renault dealers must order the replacement key directly from their headquarters in France. This can take up one week for it arrive. If you call an locksmith they can cut and program the replacement Renault key on the same day that you contact them.

Keys equipped with transponder chips

If you have a Renault car made in the last 20 years then most likely, it comes with a key with a transponder chip within. These mini-circuits protect your car from theft by allowing it to start once the correct code has been sent.

These chips are powered by an insignificant battery that could be damaged over time. This can lead to the key not functioning. It is important to replace your Renault car keys immediately if you find any issues. Beishir Lock and Security offers several keys at a fraction of the cost of your dealer.

A replacement key can be purchased at the dealership. However it is a long process that will prevent you from driving. Locksmiths can reprogram the key and provide you with a new one at a much lower price. They utilize laptops to connect with the car’s computer to program the chip, which is typically an easier and less expensive alternative.

Some older Renaults have a different kind of key card that’s installed into the dash panel reader to start the car. These cards can be more difficult to get an alternative replacement for, however the good part is that they work.

Replacement keys

Renault cars have a fairly complicated system as far as anti-theft locks and keys are concerned. Without getting into too much technical detail, there are two broad systems that affect how a replacement key can be programmed. Early models (usually up to 2000) work with a key that can’t be programmed into the car by simply plugging in a tester and pressing a button. These will require removal of what’s not an Eeprom chip from the anti-theft system and use of professional tools and software to write new key information into the car, allowing it to start.

The more modern Renaults such as the Megane, Clio, and Laguna are equipped with an updated system that uses a key card. They’re different to normal keys made of metal and fit into a specific dashboard card reader in order to open the doors and start the engine. They can also be repaired by a professional locksmith at a fraction of the cost that you would expect to pay for the same service at a dealership.

Choice Choice, an Australian consumer advocacy group, recently surveyed 22 dealerships to determine the cost of replacing keys to cars. Their findings aren’t happy reading. They found that it could cost you up to $1500 in a dealership, but that the same task can be accomplished for a fraction of the price by locksmiths.

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