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There’s A Reason Why The Most Common Renault Trafic Key Fob Debate It’s Not As Black Or White As You Might Think

The Story of the Renault Card Key

In all the inventions that have altered the way we drive however, none has made as a huge difference to the everyday lives of drivers like the hands-free card. Pascaline, Head Cross-Cutting Products for Renault Group Products talks us through the background and development of this small device.

The history behind the card

Renault’s hands free card is a global success. It’s now an essential element of the everyday life of car owners. It was designed over around 20 years ago and is now one of the most important innovations of the company. Pascaline the Head of Cross-Cutting Products at the Products division takes us on a a journey to discover the story of this handy accessory.

In 2001, the Laguna II, an executive saloon that embodies ‘lifestyle driving’, went into production. It was an era of a lot of innovation with a variety of new equipment attributes that helped customers take advantage of their vehicle to the maximum.

The occupants still had to use keys to open and shut their doors. This was a major issue for a lot of people and Renault engineers determined to fix the issue.

The result was that they decided to put a contactless keycard in their vehicles and create the system that would allow drivers to open and start their cars by merely waving a hand. The card key can now be found in two of three Renault vehicles. The card can be found inside the ignition barrel or on the centre console the car will open when the card approaches, and will lock automatically when moved away. This is an original Renault remote control card (without blade). It is clam-packed in a sealed package and is ready to be programmed using Abrites Diagnostics for Renault/ Dacia Software with the ProTAG Programmer.

The design

The possession of a Renault key card or the car remote key can be a wonderful comfort in our day-to-day lives. Unfortunately, these products are susceptible to failure due to ware and wear or simply being dropped. If this occurs, it could be very frustrating. There are, however, several ways to replace your Renault key card. One option is to call your dealership. This could take some time and could be costly. Another option is to visit a professional locksmith.

SR Key Solutions is fully equipped to manufacture and program Renault keys and cards. We can offer the replacement for your current key at a significantly lower cost than dealers would charge. Furthermore, we can complete the job much quicker than a dealership.

This product is compatible for the Renault Laguna II (keyless entry), Espace 4 (keyless entry) and Vel Satis (keyless entrance system). It will protect your keycard while giving it a nice look. It comes in two different colors and can be customized with your logo or VIN. It can be placed in a key case or used with the standard keychain. This is a genuine Renault item that will only fit the car you have ordered. Please provide your VIN to ensure that the correct key has been delivered.

The technology

Renault key cards have transponder chips within and feature an option for low frequency communication that enables the card to communicate with your vehicle. These chips are prone to cracking due the use of common sense and it can be very expensive to repair them or replaced by a dealer. We can repair or replace your Renault key card for only a fraction of the dealer price.

The hands-free card was initially introduced in 2001 on the Laguna II saloon, which was designed to be a “lifestyle” car of the 21st century. Renault could not test all possible uses despite a detailed design brief which was based on more than 6,000 conversations with customers.

Bernard Dumondel was the product leader on Laguna II at the time. He used the hotel room key to unlock his car. As the key featured tiny magnetic strips, Bernard Dumondel thought it might be possible to create a car key that worked similarly.

In the years that followed, the card was hailed as a revolutionary invention, and it is now available on two of three Renault vehicles. Renault has decided to make use of the latest features of smartphones to improve the hands-free card the fact that it appears they are about to replace it.

The keyless entry system

The hands-free card of Renault was an innovation in technology when it was first introduced 20 years ago. Its exterior is still similar, but the inside technology has undergone a few upgrades to make it more secure and user-friendly. to hack.

In the first place, it cannot be used to unlock the doors or start the engine from outside the vehicle, unless it is activated by the driver. This is because radio antennae “around the car” are set up to determine whether the key is inside or outside. The key can still turn on the ignition from a distance, but it will not open the doors. This is to protect you.

The other thing to note is that the wireless remote control transmissions of the system use a rolling code. This minimizes the possibility of the security being breached by someone who intercepts and retransmits the control message to gain access, but it does not eliminate the possibility completely. [1]

If your Megane’s key fob suddenly stops working – especially after you have dropped it on the floor – it could be a sign that the receiver module has developed a fault. If this is the situation, you’ll need to replace it with an authentic Renault replacement. Click the ‘Key Programming Information’ tab above to find out more. renault scenic key who are involved in the locksmith or motor trade can sign up for a trade account to benefit from a discounted price.

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