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The No. 1 Question Everyone Working In Saab 93 Key Must Know How To Answer

Saab Key Replacement

It can be a real pain to lose keys to your car stolen. It’s simple and affordable to add a new car key if you own an additional key.

To add an additional key, you’ll need to remove the electronics from your old key fob, and have it programmed to your car using a SAAB tech 2 device. Delaying this process can cost you.

saab key replacement derby stolen or lost

It’s as simple as ever to copy the key onto your vehicle as it was 20 years ago. Modern keys come with an electronic chip. These chips offer a lot of protection against theft and key copying. However, this doesn’t mean that you will never lose your key.

If you do lose your keys, don’t panic! Look around in the places you normally keep your keys. You might find them in your purse, jacket pocket or even on the ground near your front door. If you can’t locate your keys, call a locksmith who will come to your vehicle and help you locate them.

A dealer is able to make you a new car key if all your keys are missing. This can be costly and can take a few days. We can reprogram the EEPROM on your computer and save money.

The ignition key on the 03-11 SAAB is not the most durable. The buttons can fall out and become stuck. If you’re only left with one ignition key that works it is recommended to make an additional one as soon as possible to avoid inconveniences.


Saab owners should always carry a spare key as it’s much easier to replace lost or stolen ones. If you only lose one key, it is not the same. It’s expensive to get another key and requires the dealer to install and program the TWICE module (Column Integration Module for older cars) as well as an OEM key that is brand new (not purchased from Amazon or eBay).

If your remote control keys aren’t locking or unlocking the vehicle, there are a number of possible reasons. Most likely is an empty battery on the key fob but it can be caused by worn buttons as well as water damage, signal interference, and receiver module issues.

If you’ve tried these steps and the problem is still there you can attempt to solve the issue yourself by changing the programming of the key. This is done by changing the count (in reverse in hex) to zero in the ECU. You will need to open the case of the key fob to do this. This can be done by removing your emergency key from the fob. You can then use a flathead to remove the case from the fob and expose the battery. Don’t spill liquids or drop them into the fob, as this could harm the electronic components.

Broken Keys

It’s a painful experience to have your car keys stolen, especially in the event that you don’t have a spare. Luckily, you can ease the inconvenience by having replacement keys created by an expert auto locksmith in Bishopthorpe. We can provide you an electronic set of keys in a matter of minutes, whether you are in the middle or near the nearest town.

Every Saab since 1995 has been required to have an immobilizer within the vehicle. This makes it almost impossible to steal your car without a key. The key requires a specific transponder in order to start the engine and open your doors. The key also needs a transmitter/transponder chip that needs to be matched with the car’s computer module in order to work. This can only be done by a dealer, with the special tool known as a Tech-2 or a different kind of software.

If the key you have damaged in your ignition lock, make sure you don’t attempt to remove it by yourself, as this may damage the lock and cause issues. If you attempt to force a broken key out will usually result in the destruction of the key’s metal blade or the lock mechanism itself. This can be much more costly than having a key replacement made by a professional locksmith.


Saab owners who purchased their Saab from 1994 and beyond are advised to have two working keys for their vehicle. Replacing one key is costly and complex. The dealer must replace both the CIM (Column Integration module) or TWICE, depending on the model. They will also have to program the key in order to work with the new module. Keys that are claimed-new from sellers on the aftermarket are usually not properly programmed and may not program correctly when you require them.

It is not unusual to find the battery inside the key fob to wear out after a couple of years of use, particularly when it is frequently used for locking and unlocking the car. Fortunately that replacing the battery in most SAAB 9-3 key fob models is easy and doesn’t require any special tools.

A mobile SAAB Locksmith can provide this service for 75% less money than dealers would charge. Locksmiths don’t have to replace the computer in the car and can reprogram the EEPROM of your current computer to accept the new key. This can save you a lot of cost since a new car computer can be quite expensive. It is sensible to call an emergency SAAB Locksmith whenever you want to replace the key fob in your car.

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