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Kids Cube preschool franchise Uttarahalli Now Open!

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Best Preschool and Daycare in Uttarahalli, Bangalore.

Kids Cube preschool franchise works with a vision to shape children’s future with an all-
inclusive approach, incorporating holistic methods for children development.

If you are searching the perfect Play school franchise, walk into our Uttarahalli Centre and give your child the best start!

Our montessori curriculum or preschool curriculum will amuse you that you won’t think any more about how to start preschool or how to set up preschool. Also you don’t need to think much about Preschool franchise cost.

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Facilities Offered

Preschool with ample play area and colorful classrooms

Well trained and background verified staff who are highly qualified in childcare and skilled in teaching and taking care of children

CCTV coverage helps you be at peace of mind

World class Preschool Curriculum, developed by group of early childhood educators

Preschool book set with new concept of 10 Months, 10 Books, 10 Themes,

Program and Timings: In-Centre

Our Programs


This is one of the most essential programs developed with a purpose to serve fine motor skill developments. Here, in this program the child learns to develop their fine motor skills & color recognition. Children are encouraged to develop their skills in self‐regulation, self‐awareness and independence. Language and communication skills are a key priority for this age group.


Group activities are planned that support the children's needs and promote development of cognitive, language, social/emotional and physical skills. Here in the classroom, opportunities for children's creative exploration are balanced with the teachers' guidance during intentional teaching and learning activities.


At L.K.G, The aim is to develop the various skills & capabilities of the child by aiming at specific areas as described below; Successful Learners Confident Individuals Responsible Children Effective Contributors All of the above are interlinked to the child personality development which helps the child to build confidence. We believe that it is this age where a child’s learning capabilities are to its fullest.


At U.K.G, The aim is to develop the child’s writing and Mathematical analytical skills. The unique concept of internationally recognized “Total Development Program” is applied and which imparts the basic Values of life, such as, Analytical Skills Appetite for Knowledge Honesty and Team work This enables the Child to learn the basic foundation of each of above aspects which stays with them throughout their Lifetime. By end of this session, the Child is ready to move into full fledge school.

At KIDS CUBE, Our mission is to create a creative environment for young minds to get prepared for the outside world. We aim at providing an enriching atmosphere, which stimulates their mind as well as challenge their physical capacity in a positive fulfilling way.

We nurture them to be:

Curious | Collaborative | Confident | Empathetic | Independent


“We Teach the Way the Child Wants to Learn”


The KIDS CUBE Way of Learning


Day-to-Day activities

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#10, Simhadri , Garden School Road, 5th Cross Rd, behind Bangalore International Public School,
Canara Bank Colony, Chikkalasandra, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560061

 +91 9880664422

 +91 9880664422

Why choose KIDS CUBE for your child?

Develop a warm, caring relationship with children

Show them that you care deeply about them. Express joy in who they are.

Establish routines

Create routines and rituals for special times during the day like mealtime, nap time, and bedtime.

Encourage safe exploration and play

Give children opportunities to move around, explore and play.

Use discipline to teach

Talk to children about what they seem to be feeling and teach them words to describe those feelings.


KIDS CUBE INTERNATIONAL preschool franchise  is a chain of preschools .Formed a group of early childhood educators.In order to provide the best to children, we have designed our Preschool Curriculum around well researched concepts such as 

“Inquiry based learning’ and “3C approach (‘Character, Competence and


With an aim to make their learning entertaining we have derived various interesting activities and an enriching curriculum. Our kindergarten curriculum has been designed by amalgamating the unpretentious Indian values with the competence of Montessori

methods, Regio Emilio, Howard Gardner Multiple intelligence theory .

We at Kids Cube understand the significant role preschool education plays in shaping a child mental and physical being. Thus, we ensure that they are provided with the best.

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