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Preschool Home Connect Online Preschool Curriculum

We are amazingly pleased to dispatch our computerized learning world with the “home interface” online preschool program. An exhaustive learning pack for top notch commitment.

With the assistance of painstakingly managed content and the half breed learning models, we thought of this chance which would help in getting the ball really rolling because of the new pandemic and furthermore reinforce instruction.

Preschool Home Connect (PHC) Online Preschool Curriculum

The program plans to acquaint kids with the fundamental ideas through a progression of adaptable pre-recorded recordings held by early schooling experts.

The educational program lines up with the 42 KDSs of youth schooling to assist with the all encompassing advancement of the kid. The educational plan depends on remembering the guardians and the facilitators.

The Detailed educational program plan and appraisals guarantee that the advancement of the kid can be followed successfully.

Key Highlights

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Age Group 2 – 3 years

Age Group 3 – 4 years

Age Group 4 – 5 years

Age Group 5 – 6 years

Individualized learning
Development tracker to keep track of your child’s progress
Individual development outcome reports like cognitive, sensorial, emotional, etc.
Age-appropriate and easy to use
Flexible recorded session by early education experts
Individual goals are set based on development reports.
ESM tools to manage the curriculum
International standard
Research-based and scientifically designed content
Operational and academic support
Skill and value-based learning

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Age Group 2 - 3 years

The Playgroup / Pre-Nursery Program is a holistic, child-appropriate and age-appropriate curriculum that focuses on developing communication and language skills, creative expression, physical abilities and well-being, as well as children’s personal, emotional and social development.

The focus of the Playgroup / Pre nursery curriculum
Communication and language skills. Development of multiple intelligences (logic, words, nature, humans and images). Development of physical skills and well-being. Personal, emotional and social development. Sensory technology, ideas for exploring and exploring the world around you, making connections and connecting with the environment.

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Age Group 3 - 4 years

The Nursery Program takes a cognitive, constructive, and skills development approach. Hence, our curriculum emphasizes active, child-centered experiences. The curriculum focuses on the child’s natural interest, curiosity and thirst for knowledge, resulting in experience in research, investigation, discovery, and active practical research.

Curriculum priorities for kindergarten
This program strengthens children’s language skills that develop as tools for learning and communication. Reading, phonetic, and numeracy skills are introduced to nurture children’s emerging abilities to acquire skills. Expectations for personal and social development continue to receive priority, leading to greater autonomy and independence, increased self-help skills, self-image and self-confidence.

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Age Group 4 - 5 years

The Junior KG / Kindergarten children are more confident and articulate in using language in expressing and presenting their ideas. So this curriculum actively promotes purposeful vocabulary, reading and writing experiences through integrated learning experiences and projects. Children gain a better understanding of numeracy and mathematical concepts. Exposure to technology, awareness of environment and community, and physical skills are more enhanced and sophisticated in this stage of learning.

The focus of the junior KG / PP1 curriculum
Cognitive development, the acquisition of skills and concepts are actively promoted. Better understanding of mathematics and understanding of mathematics. Increased awareness of environment, community, and physical skills. The focus remains on personal and social development.

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Age Group 5 - 6 years

Children in the KG / Kindergarten 2 curriculum now have more experience in communication, reading and writing and use these skills as a means of presenting ideas and knowledge as tools for learning content, concepts and skills. You begin to develop better perspectives and assessments on major environmental and social issues. As children become more socially and emotionally mature, they continue to work together on projects that involve critical thinking and meaningful exploration of ideas and concepts by problem solving, surveys, investigation, and research during this learning phase.

The focus of the KG / PP1 youth curriculum
Children are independent, confident, articulate and creative thinkers who value the world – and are equipped with the life skills and attitudes that are prerequisites for school readiness and success in life. Concepts through problem solving, surveys, research, and research. Personal, emotional and social development. As children become more socially and emotionally mature, they continue to collaborate on projects and engage in critical thinking and research.

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