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How to Install Windows 11 With Microsofts Media Creation Tool

If you are unsure which disk contains your Windows installation, ask for assistance before continuing. Do not format all of the partitions in this menu, but only the partition for Windows. You will see a list of the partitions defined on your hard drive.

With the Update Assistant, all you need to do is click on the Download Now button, accept terms, and then click on a few “Next” prompts to upgrade to install Windows 11. (At this point we only have the following two screenshots for the Update Assistant as the download process seems to be stuck. But the process is fairly straightforward). When downloaded, Microsoft will notify you to pick the right time to finish the installation and reboot your device. Once restarted, re-install the latest drivers available for your fingerprint sensor. The Goodix fingerprint drivers should now be fixed on your device.

Checking the Bluetooth Service

Citrix Workspace app is the easy-to-install client software that provides seamless secure access to everything you need to get work done. You may select which data to keep during setup, including Windows Settings, Personal Files, and programmes. It will then download and upgrade to the latest version, at which point the installation will begin. Windows 11 can be installed in two distinct methods on your machine. To begin, you must meet the mirsmum requirements for Windows 11, after which you can either join the Windows Insider Program or install Windows 11 locally on your PC.

  • That’s why Windows PCs always slow down and become unstable over time.
  • Navigate to the destination folder to restore the files — for example, the Documents folder.
  • Command into the command prompt, and press Enter.

But the builds so far have been part of the Dev channel, where Microsoft releases its earliest and buggiest builds for its most die-hard users and developers. I couldn’t reasonably recommend anyone install these builds unless they already knew what they were doing. Follow the on-screen prompts, then, once the “Change what you want to keep” window appears, select Keep personal files and apps, Keep personal files only, or Nothing. Another way you can install Windows 11 is by using the Windows media creation tool. This method is often used when you need to perform a clean install or if you need to roll back to an earlier build. UEFI is similar to the BIOS, except it’s not as limited.


If you’re not happy with the options that Microsoft has provided to help you take a screenshot, then there are some decent third-party alternatives But Windows doesn’t exactly make it crystal clear to users how to take a screenshot. Once the screenshot’s taken, it’ll be saved to your clipboard, as with the Prt Scr key option. Open up the Windows application you want to record. You may need to close or minimize other windows or apps to avoid accidentally recording the wrong one. It may also help to make sure that any audio you don’t want in the recording is off, even if it’s from a different app or window.

Do you have a Mac and want to take a mac screenshot? Check out our article on how to take screenshot on Mac. This will give you a bit of time to set up whatever it is you’re attempting to screenshot and might make it easier than taking the shot manually. If you click on New you’ll open the mini Snipping Tool menu where you can then choose between several different snips. Either way, you’ll get a small pop-up bar with a timer and two recording controls.

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